Alien Keeper

Alien Keeper Ursa Dax


Alien Keeper (Fated Mates of the Sea Sand Warlords #9)

“I will be her keeper, her guardian, her guide. And I will keep her safe no matter the cost...”


So it turns out I’m on the bad guys’ side. I didn’t actually know that until my superior officer started waving his gun around got himself killed on our alien recon mission. My orders are changing by the minute, and I quickly realize I have absolutely no interest in following any of them. But I don’t think I can just say “sorry” and convince the women and aliens on this planet of my good intentions.

So I run. I hide.

But one alien in particular is hell-bent on catching me. He’s ten feet of scaly red alien muscle, with black claws as long as my fingers and teeth that glint like knives. He terrifies me, and when he finally does catch me, I know that I’m a goner.

He’s a natural predator and I’ve become his prey.
So how come when he catches me, it seems like he wants to... Protect me?


I saw the vision of my fated mate before I left my homeland of the Bitter Seas. She is one of the mysterious new women who live with the desert men. But when I arrive in the desert with my king and the rest of our army, she is nowhere to be found.

Because she is not part of the alliance. And when I finally do find her, I realize why.

She is the enemy we have been hunting.

My king, the desert men, the new women... Everyone wants her detained and questioned.

But they killed the male warrior she came with. And I will not allow her to be harmed.

So deep in the night, I take her. I protect her and abandon my own people in the process.

But earning her trust proves difficult, especially since we do not speak the same language. As the days together pass, two questions plague me:

Why does she not recognize me as her mate?
And with every warrior of sea and sand searching for her now, how can I possibly keep her safe?

Fantasia / Ficção científica / Romance

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