An Emotion of Great Delight

An Emotion of Great Delight Tahereh Mafi


An Emotion of Great Delight

From bestselling and National Book Award-nominated author Tahereh Mafi comes a stunning novel about love and loneliness, navigating the hyphen of dual identity, and reclaiming your right to joy--even when you're trapped in the amber of sorrow.

It's 2003, several months since the US officially declared war on Iraq, and the American political world has evolved. Tensions are high, hate crimes are on the rise, FBI agents are infiltrating local mosques, and the Muslim community is harassed and targeted more than ever. Shadi, who wears hijab, keeps her head down.

She's too busy drowning in her own troubles to find the time to deal with bigots.

Shadi is named for joy, but she's haunted by sorrow. Her brother is dead, her father is dying, her mother is falling apart, and her best friend has mysteriously dropped out of her life. And then, of course, there's the small matter of her heart--

It's broken.

Shadi tries to navigate her crumbling world by soldiering through, saying nothing. She devours her own pain, each day retreating farther and farther inside herself until finally, one day, everything changes.

She explodes.

An Emotion of Great Delight is a searing look into the world of a single Muslim family in the wake of 9/11. It's about a child of immigrants forging a blurry identity, falling in love, and finding hope--in the midst of a modern war

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An Emotion of Great Delight
An Emotion of Great Delight


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on 11/7/21

O que eu mais gostei desse livro foi sem dúvidas a escrita! Ela é super leve, fluída e me prendeu bastante. Esse livro trata de assuntos muito importantes, então vale muito a pena ler! O que eu não gostei tanto foi o desenvolvimento geral do livro, achei que o final ficou meio aberto e com pontas soltas. Eu senti um pouco como se o desfecho não não mostrasse o real propósito da história. No geral esse é um livro muuito agradável de ler e que é bem curtinho! Super indico?... leia mais


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