Curran POV Collection

Curran POV Collection Ilona Andrews


Curran POV Collection

Collection of Curran POVs in chronological order:

1) Unicorn Lane - The 1st POV snippet is from the first book Magic Bites, wherein Kate and Curran meet for the very first time.

2) Fernando's - This second snippet like its predecessor is also from the same debut vehicle. This one is from the middle part of the story wherein Curran is on a date (of sorts) with Myong, a person similar to his ilk. Things take an interesting turn when Kate visits the same restaurant with another person and we further see how Kate seems to beguile Curran.

3) Soup - The third short is from Magic Burns and shows us Curran's mindset when Kate is critically injured. It's from this short that we get a first inkling of how much he cares for Kate and how much he admires her tenacity and fortitude.

4) Midnight Games - This fourth snippet is from the third book Magic Strikes and for those who have read this book, will know how crucial the title of this short is. Here we get to see Curran effectively being the Beast Lord but tempering his aggressive demeanor as per the situational needs. Since we are privy to his thoughts, certain plot points come to the fore much more quickly than in the case of the books wherein it occurs at a slower rate.

5) Hot Tub - This is the second snippet to be from the same book and this one is from the latter third of Magic Strikes. Once again we get to see events which we have read about but now from Curran’s eyes.

6) Kate's Origin - This is the first of the snippets that occurs in between the events of the books. This one is set after the events of Magic Strikes and one week before the events of Magic Bleeds. In it, Jim comes to Curran with some dire news about Kate’s past.

7) Naked Dinner - This snippet follows the "Kate Origin" one and deals with a very important plot point in regards to Magic Bleeds (4th book). This is probably the biggest short story in this collection and is absolutely riveting. Not only does it deal with the politicking that happens in the Pack but we get to see Curran maneuver a tricky corner with one of his alphas that will have major repercussions for the future (read Gunmetal Magic to know more).

8) Conclave - The penultimate snippet in this collection is from a vital part of Magic Bleeds. It showcases Curran at the beginning of his dreaded worst and in the book, we get to see why many truly fear the Beast Lord. In this short, we get to see how Saiman ticks Curran off and how he has regretted it since then.

9) Awake - Awake is the last short story of this collection and is possibly the best ending to this collection as it completes the arc for Curran in terms of his love. This short story focuses on the climax of Magic Bleeds. It basically starts in tandem with the last few paragraphs of the book and then expands beyond the book to feature a very powerful scene which showcases why Curran is the Beast Lord and how powerful he truly is.

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Curran POV Collection



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