Engaging the Enemy

Engaging the Enemy M.E. Clayton


Engaging the Enemy (The Enemy #2)

Roselyn Bell led a normal teenage life until her mother's new husband thrust her into a world where money was never-ending. She went from Suburbia to the mansions of Sands Cove, and she knew her rainbow-colored hair, loud makeup, nose ring, and grunge-style clothing were not going to fit in. With her mom traveling with her new husband, a stepbrother who hated her, and not one loyal friend in sight, along with the money came a loneliness Roselyn never expected. Well, that is, until she meets the princes of Sands Cove and her life takes a dramatic turn.

Liam McCellan had a life where everything was handed to you on a silver platter; money, cars, drugs, girls...you name it, he could get it. He was more than just one of the One-Percent that inhabited the wealthy community of Sands Cove; he was one of the untouchables. Like most of the kids in Sands Cove, Liam answered to no one and he feared nothing. Then, one night, he's forced to take matters into his own hands, but he's not prepared for the impact Roselyn Bell ends up having on his life. The rules changed, and too bad for Roselyn, Liam doesn't care if she wants to play or not.

While Roselyn is struggling with going from a nobody to running with the wolves of Sands Cove, Liam is planning to do everything he can to make sure Roselyn understands exactly where her place is; and it's with the wolves.

Warning: While this story contains a HEA, it is a dark romance, bully read. It contains triggers and can be offensive to some readers. Please do not purchase if sensitive to such materials.


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Engaging the Enemy


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Facing The Enemy

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Do mesmo tecido de Rancey
1 day, 14 hours ago

Você vai ler a sinopse e pensa Menaje!!! Calma, tem sim mas a autora nunca descreve a cena, o que eu amei pq não queria me atentar nisso, vim aqui pelo Liam, que por sinal se saiu mais louco do eu tinha imaginado kkkk dai a grande frase de Emetson pra Roselyn; Eles são só mesmo tecido em que o Rancey foi cortado, ou seja são amigos então só esperem loucuras kkkkk. Uma coisa é certa eu ri igual louca pq o Liam tinha umas frases muito bizarras e então só rindo mesmo. Gostei muito do li... leia mais


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