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Your Best Is Yet to Come!

Whether a person is searching for their calling or wholeheartedly pursuing their life's purpose, LIVE LOVE LEAD will help them navigate a faith path that is all their own and discover unique gifts tailored perfectly for their journey.
How do people experience the best life that God intends for them? The answer lies in understanding that the Christian life is an adventure, and that they only have to follow the greatest Guide who ever walked the path of life--Jesus. In this straightforward book, Brian Houston shows readers the way to live fully, love completely, and lead boldly--the hallmarks of Jesus' time on earth.

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Uma jornada pela fé
on 5/5/16

Livro que narra fatos da jornada do fundador da banda Hillsong United que tornou-se não apenas uma banda, mas um instrumento usado por Deus para levar a tua palavra por todo o mundo.... leia mais



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