Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate Annette Curtis Klause

Blood and Chocolate

Sixteen-year-old Vivian has a bit of a wild side, coming from an ancient line of shape-shifting loups garoux. But a fiery expulsion from their more comfortable accommodations in West Virginia has forced Vivian's pack to flee to a small suburb in Maryland. It was a vigilante attack that claimed several members of the pack, including her father, the leader of the pack. Now homeless, fatherless, and friendless, she suffers near constant embarrassment at her mother's own form of mourning and the tumultuous state of an aimless pack reduced to drunkards and gang bangers, all the while evading the pressing advances of an older, overly-confident Gabriel whose goal it is to become the new pack leader with her as his queen bitch.

Then Vivian's ears perk up at a sensually composed poem depicting werewolves and decides to exercise her predatory skills on the author, who turns out to be an aesthetically pleasing young boy named Aiden with a taste for the occult. As hormones start to stir between the young lovers, blood begins to boil among the restless and increasingly out of control pack. A leader must be elected, even if it results in grudges and gore, and Vivian must learn where to place her loyalty. However, this is no Romeo & Juliet soap opera when Vivian experiences dangerous black-outs with bloody aftermath and media coverage that will endanger everyone she loves.

Ficção / Literatura Estrangeira / Romance

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Blood and Chocolate
Blood and Chocolate
Blood and Chocolate


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on 21/12/09

Eu vi o filme antes de ler o livro, e nossa eu preciso dizer, o livro dá de 10 a 0 no filme!!! Blood and Chocolate é um desses livros que você le a sinopse e não espera muito dele, pensa que é mais uma daquelas histórias de amor sobrenaturais. Bem, não é, primeiro porque o livro é tão envolvente que eu li ele em uma noite! a história fala de preconceitos e responsabilidades e é claro de um amor impossível e um amor que a personagem principal não deseja. Mas eu acho que o que mais me im... leia mais


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