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Sound, Movement & Empire

The rise of Kasabian has been a phenomenal one, driven by a mixture of self-belief, relentless touring and, at times, difficult circumstances.

Sound, Movement & Empire is the very first biography to tell their incredible tale: from humble beginnings in Leicestershire villages inspired by the Stone Roses, Primal Scream and Oasis, through mind-numbing motorway miles earning their reputation as an incendiary live act, to the latterday status as one of the best new bands on the planet.

Kasabian's fizzing blend of electronica and indie has seen them very quickly take their place in the upper echelons of the UK music scene, gathering a plethora of celebrity fans along the way, including Noel Gallagher of Oasis.

The band's frequent outspoken and yet brutally honest pronouncements about the state of the popular music scene have hit a real chord with the music-buying public and they continue to ruffle feathers and break down barriers wherever they go; they have made no secret that their ambitions are global unlimited and, to date, there seems no reason to doubt them.

This book tells that story, through exclusive interviews with key players in the band's history, including friends, former members, producers, mixers, record company executives and various other insiders. This is the definitive and only account of a band on the cusp of genuine greatness.

Unofficial & Unauthorised.

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