Charlie Chan e O Camelo Preto

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Charlie Chan e O Camelo Preto

The Black Camel: A Charlie Chan Mystery

The Black Camel (Charlie Chan #4) by Earl Derr Biggers (first published 1923) '-' "Death is the black camel that kneels unbidden at every gate." This is what Charlie Chan tells the guests of the unfortunate Shelah Fane, a glamorous Hollywood movie star who has been murdered while on location beach side in Honolulu. Here the detective confronts his most perplexing case of his long and illustrious career. Chan is aided by a mysterious fortune teller named Tarneverro the Great. It appears that Miss Fane had summoned Tarneverro to Honolulu as she strongly believes in his mystical powers. A number of bystanders do not have alibis in this case, and it takes every bit of Chan's considerable powers to untangle this intricate web of deception and murder.

|...| Shelah Fane was known and loved throughout the world as a sultry goddess of the silver screen. When her glorious career came to a brutal end one moonlit night in Hawaii—stabbed to death on the tranquil beach of Waikiki—thousands clamored for the murder of their favorite star. "Death is the black camel that kneels unbidden at every gate," Charlie Chan tells the guests present at the actress's pavillion at the time of her murder. But as the detective digs deeper into the case, he finds an interrelated crime to investigate—a murky Hollywood mystery from the past. Through the confusion of alibis, false clues, and bizarre characters, Chan moves with the utmost calm—until the classic "gathering of suspects" climax, when his form of justice hits with shattering force.
[Wikipedia] The Black Camel (film) is a 1931 American Pre-Code mystery film based on the novel of the same name by Earl Derr Biggers. It is the second film to star Warner Oland as detective Charlie Chan, and the sole survivor of the first five Chan films starring Oland. The Black Camel marked the film debut of Robert Young...

Movie star Shelah Fayne is making a picture on location in Honolulu, Hawaii. She summons mystic adviser Tarneverro from Hollywood to help her decide whether to marry wealthy Alan Jaynes, a man she has only known for a week. Her friend Julie O'Neil worries, however, that the famous psychic has too much influence over her. Meanwhile, Julie has fallen in love herself with local publicity director Jimmy Bradshaw. Honolulu Police Inspector Chan pretends to be a humble merchant, but Tarneverro sees through his impersonation. Chan mentions to him the yet unsolved murder of film star Denny Mayo, committed years before. Then Jimmy finds Shelah's body; she has been murdered. Julie makes him remove Shelah's ring before calling for the police. Chan investigates. He invites Tarneverro to assist him. Tarneverro reveals that Shelah told him she was in love with Denny and was responsible for his death, but kept quiet to protect her career. The suspects are many, but after various startling revelations, Chan eventually identifies the killer and the connection to Mayo's death.

[About the Author]: Earl Derr Biggers was born in Warren, Ohio in 1884. He graduated from Harvard University in 1907, and lived for many years in California. He wrote six novels featuring detective Charlie Chan, who became a staple of the movies. He died in Pasadena, CA in 1933.

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Charlie Chan e O Camelo Preto
Charlie Chan e o camelo preto


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