A Midwinter

A Midwinter's Wedding: A Retelling of The Frog Prince (English Edition) Melanie Cellier


Princess Cordelia is used to being overshadowed by her many brothers and sisters. So when she's offered the chance to attend her brother's wedding in a faraway kingdom, she leaps at it. In Northhelm, she'll finally have the chance to stand out. And maybe, just maybe, she'll even find romance.

But not everything in the Northhelmian court is as it appears. With her brother distracted by the wedding, only Ferdinand, the ugliest man at court, will listen to Cordelia's concerns. An observant princess and a strangely amphibious soldier may be the only thing standing between all Four Kingdoms and disaster.

Cordelia will have to overcome prejudice, deceit, and danger if she wants to save the day and find romance at A Midwinter's Wedding.

A Midwinter's Wedding is a novella of approximately 35,000 words.

If you enjoy clean romance, adventure, and intrigue, then try the books in The Four Kingdoms series now! Each of these young adult fairy tale retellings can be read as a standalone story, however, for greatest enjoyment, they should be read in order.

The Four Kingdoms Reading Order:

The Princess Companion: A Retelling of The Princess and the Pea (Book One)
The Princess Fugitive: A Reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood (Book Two)
Happily Ever Afters: A Reimagining of Snow White and Rose Red (Novella)
The Princess Pact: A Twist on Rumpelstiltskin (Book Three)
A Midwinter's Wedding: A Retelling of The Frog Prince (Novella)
The Princess Game: A Reimagining of Sleeping Beauty (Book Four)
The Princess Search: A Retelling of The Ugly Duckling (Book Five)

A Midwinter's Wedding: A Retelling of The Frog Prince (English Edition)

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