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Ana Paula 27/10/2020

An explosive thriller full of emotion.
In a surprising and innovative plot, full of mysteries, we see a Character called Jack Willber, who has problems with socializing with people, a young boy very alone and very problematic, and also has some psychological problems, we see that the past related to Jack is interfering in your present and even in your future, but not because of the fault but of your ancestors.
The author was super creative bringing to the plot the Concept of Generational Inheritance, Hereditary Inheritance.
Do we really pay for Parents' mistakes?!?
Are we influenced by the choices of our ancestors?!?
After reading this book I was sure that yes, the past can interfere with our present and our future.
Perfect Strange is a super embarrassed book, there is no loose end in this book, the Biblical bases that the author shows you in this book is super chilling, it is as if you have been walking in the dark all the time, and now you can see the light.
Not to mention other characters, with a super ambitious reporter named Marisa Amélia, who shows herself with a very strong personality.
Perfect Strange is not just another book, but I consider it THE BOOK OF SUSPENSE.

1 encontrados | exibindo 1 a 1

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