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Vinícius Dias 24/09/2014

Finally the end is shaping up!
After 4 books of our characters going literally through hell and Sam having to face all his external and inner demons, the Perdido Beach nightmare is about to come to an end. Almost a year ago, all adults suddenly disappeared, leaving a town of only kids under 15 behind. Awkardly, a barrier also came down, shutting them from the rest of the world and even giving some interesting but dangerous powers. Now the FAYZ (how they call it) is starting to darken, and there's nothing Sam or the other important people can do about it. Soon the dome will be completely dark, and they will live in utterly blackness until they die from starvation or worse.
Sam is afraid of the dark, and all the secrets that it hides, but he now has to face them one more time if he wants to get out alive, and bring with him everyone he loves. Wow, what a trip this has been! I've following this boys and girls for around four years, and yet the FAYZ continues to surprise me! What horrors lie ahead I don't know, but Fear continues to explore the darkest sides of the human mind and doesn't fail to entertain the reader, since I'm still fascinated by this big bowl full of children facing unbelievable danger. There's not much to discover, so Fear isn't as intriguing as the first three books, but we're coming closer to the endgame, and I couldn't be more excited about it! Bring it on, Light!

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