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A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams

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Aline 07/04/2013minha estante
concordo com a resenha, muito boa! mas seria melhor avisar que fala sobre o fim da peça, pra quem não conhece não ler.

Henrique 19/11/2020

A peça de Williams retrata o conturbado momento social dos EUA na primeira metade do século XX, Blanche é o retrato da decadente aristocracia rural e sua inadequação ao bairro operário em que vive sua irmã mais nova evidencia o choque que se dava, principalmente nos EUA do sul. O desejo do título se manifesta das formas mais diversas durante a peça e em todas as personagens. A leitura causa desconforto e sensibiliza ao mesmo tempo, um grande exemplo de teatro dramático e do gênio literário de Tennesse Williams.

Lys 21/03/2020

A brilliant paint of southern reality
So, describing this play is quite difficult, but let's go by parts.
Starting with Blanche and Stella, both of them had the same education as "Southern Belles". What does this mean? Basically, they were educated to be funny, beautiful, polite and please the man. Also, the only chance they have in life is marrying a farmer - a rich man.
Stanley is not a rich man, he is a ordinary man who lives with Stella in a work class neighborhood. He was never educated on how to treat a woman well: he abuses in authority, using, sometimes, his force to make the truth rely on his last words in a speech.
The interesting part is that while Blanche is hysterical about her position as a now poor woman, Stella's is happy with her situation. She even says "I am not in any place I want to get out of". Isn't is just insane?

(This question below is NOT a spoiler, but if you think it'll influence your own reading, just stop here and goodbye!)

Now, for those who finished the book: can we blame these three people decisions, behaviors and actions... Or they are all victims of the social system they were living in? That's the question.

There is a very interesting analysis of this play in the Channel and Website "Course Hero". The link below will lead you to the videos.

site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj8O6rbnhqw&list=PLz_ZtyOWL9BREawfzeHiPf4MmZMIaWbgv

Laila Serafim 07/08/2020

Boa leitura
A obra aborda, principalmente questões de gênero, e constante busca pela verdade.

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