Me and Mr. Darcy

Me and Mr. Darcy Alexandra Potter


Me and Mr. Darcy

Emily is an American who's had enough of modern day men, instead she loves to settle down with her copy of Pride and Prejudice and step into the past when men were real men. Horrified at the thought of going to Mexico for a week of partying with her best friend she manages to grab the last place on a Jane Austen tour in the UK, in freezing December. She starts to regret her rash decision when she realises the trip is full of pensioners and one rude journalist, but then when she meets Mr Darcy her week starts to look up....

What a fab idea for a book. Potter has created some great characters - I loved all the 'oldies' on the tour, and I also really enjoyed the spookiness of the mysterious Mr Darcy appearing from nowhere. This was a really easy to read book - one of those ones which you start and before you know it you've read about 100 pages without even realising. Lovely cosy descriptions of winter in the UK, lots of likable and endearing characters, tons of references to Jane Austen and an entertaining and enjoyable plot make this book a really great one.

If you're in the mood for a fun, light hearted read then I highly recommend this book. However if you're an obsessive Jane Austen fan who can't bear to see any of her characters in the 21st Century then you're probably better off avoiding this one!

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Me and Mr. Darcy
Me and Mr. Darcy


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on 21/9/11

A Adriana me emprestou uma série de livros para resenhar para o Gazeta de Longbourn - o suficiente para durar o ano inteiro. Alguns já devolvi, outros tantos ainda falta ler e aos poucos vou riscando-os da minha sempre crescente lista de tarefas a fazer... Me and Mr. Darcy foi um dos primeiros que ela me emprestou, junto com The Man Who Loved Me. Aviso logo que este segundo não será resenhado porque não gostei da história e não vou resenhar um livro apenas para descer a lenha nele. D... leia mais


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