Minimalist Living

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Minimalist Living

Decluttering for Joy, Health, and Creativity

Your stuff can hold you back and make you sick.

If your rooms, closets, and surfaces are filled with clutter, all those unneeded possessions can get in the way of a full experience of life as it was meant to be lived. Minimalist Living covers not only techniques for decluttering, but how doing so can fill your newfound space with meaningful activities that add joy to your life and support your goals.

"It's not just a book of helpful tips to overcome our tendencies to consume and to hoard; it's a book for anybody who wants to reflect on how they can pursue happiness is a world where everything is conspiring to make us think happiness lies in our power as consumers to buy what we want."
-- Dr. Philip J. Harold, Associate Dean, School of Education and Social Sciences, RMU

This guide to simplifying for health, joy, and creativity teaches:

-Why you should define your own sense of minimalism
-How to create your "Minimalist Mission Statement"
-How to use the techniques of "blazing" and "gazing" to declutter
-Why decluttering now can lead to a happier, healthier, and more creative life
-How to deal with sentimental items without losing their meaning
-The amazing connection between minimalism and living your soul's deepest purpose
-And much more.

"If you are on your way to becoming a minimalist (like our family) this book will encourage you to keep going. If you are still living in clutter this book could well be the "kick" you need to really start cleaning out."
--Richard and Liz Pomeroy, Cornish Heritage Ventures

"This work is true to the nature of the subject material in being very minimalist. And that makes it really awesome. This isn't a checklist or a "system" to follow but a different way to think about the relationships that we have to the things we "own," the relationships we have with the spaces around us and the relationships that we have with other people and our inner selves."
--Desmond Martin

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Minimalist Living



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