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Coleção Argonauta nr 6

The Martian Chronicles (first published May 1950) / Capa: Cândido Costa Pinto ' - ' Surge hoje na Colecção Argonauta o primeiro livro que trata do aspecto humano e psicológico no campo da literatura de Ficção Científica. O seu autor, distinguido como um dos maiores da literatura americana, ocupará sem dúvida um lugar muito especial na apreciação dos leitores portugueses. Passemos entretanto a palavra à crítica mundial que sobre "O Mundo Marciano" se pronunciou desta forma invulgar: de Christopher Isherwood, na revista "Tomorrow": "... a elevação pura e a força de uma imaginação verdadeiramente original domina-nos completamente. O autor é um muito grande e original talento..."Do "Miami Herald": "... Um mundo de imaginação completamente novo..." Do "Minniapolis Tribune": "... Depois de ler este livro ficamos com a impressão que a Ficção Científica atingiu finalmente a maturidade..."

[The Martian Chronicles] ' Ray Bradbury is a storyteller without peer, a poet of the possible, and, indisputably, one of America's most beloved authors. In a much celebrated literary career that has spanned six decades, he has produced an astonishing body of work: unforgettable novels, including Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes; essays, theatrical works, screenplays and teleplays; The Illustrated Mein, Dandelion Wine, The October Country, and numerous other superb short story collections. But of all the dazzling stars in the vast Bradbury universe, none shines more luminous than these masterful chronicles of Earth's settlement of the fourth world from the sun.

Bradbury's Mars is a place of hope, dreams and metaphor-of crystal pillars and fossil seas-where a fine dust settles on the great, empty cities of a silently destroyed civilization. It is here the invaders have come to despoil and commercialize, to grow and to learn -first a trickle, then a torrent, rushing from a world with no future toward a promise of tomorrow. The Earthman conquers Mars ... and then is conquered by it, lulled by dangerous lies of comfort and familiarity, and enchanted by the lingering glamour of an ancient, mysterious native race.

Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles is a classic work of twentieth-century literature whose extraordinary power and imagination remain undimmed by time's passage. In connected, chronological stories, a true grandmaster once again enthralls, delights and challenges us with his vision and his heart-starkly and stunningly exposing in brilliant spacelight our strength, our weakness, our folly, and our poignant humanity on a strange and breathtaking world where humanity does not belong'.'

|...| Man, was a a distant shore, and the men spread upon it in wave... Each wave different, and each wave stronger... The strange and wonderful tale of man’s experiences on Mars, filled with intense images and astonishing visions. The Martian Chronicles tells the story of humanity’s repeated attempts to colonize the red planet. The first men were few. Most succumbed to a disease they called the Great Loneliness when they saw their home planet dwindle to the size of a fist. They felt they had never been born. Those few that survived found no welcome on Mars. The shape-changing Martians thought they were native lunatics and duly locked them up.

But more rockets arrived from Earth, and more, piercing the hallucinations projected by the Martians. People brought their old prejudices with them – and their desires and fantasies, tainted dreams. These were soon inhabited by the strange native beings, with their caged flowers and birds of flame.

Ficção científica / Aventura / Fantasia / Suspense e Mistério

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