Of All the Girls

Of All the Girls Michele L. Rivera


Of All the Girls

The last thing Ashton Daniels wants after graduating high school is to spend the summer in Boston with her estranged father and his other family, but once she arrives in Massachusetts and meets Chloe, her intriguing step-sister, what Ashton wants suddenly becomes unclear.

At eighteen-years old, Ashton has never left her hometown in Florida, and she was perfectly content with that. She was not one to seek out new experiences and she definitely was not looking to fall in love—especially with a girl whom she’s technically related to because that would be wrong, right?

Now Ashton must figure out how to make sense of the chaos in her heart.

If Ashton chooses to remain true to herself and act on her feelings for Chloe, will her decision tear apart her family? Ruin the relationship she has with her twin brother?

There’s only one way to find out


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Of All the Girls



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