Os Invasores  -  Rodovia 640

Os Invasores - Rodovia 640 Rafe Bernard


Os Invasores - Rodovia 640 (Coleção LivroScope #4)

The Invaders: The Halo Highway

The Invaders: A Quinn Martin Production. Estrelando ROY THINNES como o arquiteto DAVID VINCENT... Os Invasores, seres de um planeta que está para ser extinto. O seu destino: a Terra. A sua intenção: fazer dela o seu mundo. David Vincent os viu, para ele tudo começou numa noite em que passava por uma estrada deserta, procurando um atalho que nunca encontrou...

Começou com um bar fechado e abandonado. Um homem cansado demais para prosseguir a sua viagem, viu a aterrissagem de uma nave de outra galáxia. Agora ele sabe que os Invasores estão aqui, que tomaram a forma humana, e precisa encontrar um meio de convencer um mundo descrente, de que o pesadelo já começou... '.'

|...| 'Highway 640, which led to Auto City, centre of the United States automobile industry, had a jinx on it. Crash after crash occurred--and yet there were few deaths; each time the driver of the car would emerge miraculously unhurt, and though his eyes might be dull and zombie-like, though he might have a misshapen finger, little things of that sort were unremarkable in a man who had escaped death so luckily. Only David Vincent recognized that these were signed of the Invaders, that they were engineering the crashes and, at the moment of death, taking possession of their victims' bodies. He had learnt, in his struggles against the aliens, to recognise another sign too—as each driver emerged from his wrecked car, his body was surrounded for a short period by a halo of light. That was why men called it the Halo Highway, a motorway that brought David to his most desperate battle yet against the Invaders'.'

"THE HALO HIGHWAY: A story of The Invaders", created by Larry Cohen that aired on ABC for two seasons, from January 10, 1967 to March 26, 1968; a Invaders tie by UK writer Rafe Bernard -- '(...) a pseudonym of a British writer commissioned by Corgi Science Fiction Books (UK) -- Souvenir Press Paperback / softback edition, 1967 [VT] Army of the Undead (The Invaders, #3) / (Reprint 1967 by Pyramid Books (US) / ISBN: 1015517110: "The first British novel, The Halo Highway, made the reverse journey across the Atlantic and was published as The Invaders #3: Army of the Undead (Pyramid, 1967)'.'

Army of the Undead by-lined Rafe Bernard (1967) is often mistakenly attributed to Keith Laumer (as a Laumer "nom de plume") because it is the third entry in the Pyramid Books Invaders novel series as published in the US, but in fact Bernard (a name which may be a pseudonym, but not for Laumer) was one of the two British authors commissioned by Corgi Books in the UK to pen original novels based on the TV show (the other was Peter Leslie). The book appeared as the third title in Corgi's UK line as The Halo Highway. Evidence seems to indicate a reciprocal reprint deal Pyramid worked out with Corgi for use of a single title, since only the Bernard book, but not the Peter Leslie ones, saw print in the United States; while only Laumer's first Invaders title, but not his second, saw print in the United Kingdom. Bernard's by-line exists on one other science fiction title, The Wheel in the Sky, published as a UK hardcover in 1954 and as a UK paperback by Ward Lock in 1955. (Verification can be found in Kurt Peer's book TV Tie-Ins (1967, Neptune Publishing and later TV Books). [From Wikipedia].

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Os Invasores  -  Rodovia 640


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