Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game James Frey


Rules of the Game (Endgame)

Endgame, Book 3

The explosive final novel in the Endgame trilogy, by New York Times bestelling author, James Frey.

Two keys have been found. The strongest Players are left. One final key remains to win Endgame and save the world.

For Sarah, Jago, Aisling, Maccabee, Shari, An, and Hilal, Endgame has reached its final phase. The third key, Sun Key, is all that stands between one Player saving their line - or perishing along with the rest of the world. And only one can win.

West Bengal, India: Maccabee is Playing to win. He has Earth Key and Sky Key and he is determined to find Sun Key. But in Endgame, fate can turn in the blink of an eye. He must Play carefully. He must watch his back.

Kolkata, India: An Liu is Playing for death. His goal: stop Endgame, and take the world down with him.

Sikkim, India: For Aisling, Sarah, Jago, Shari, and Hilal, their mission is to stop Endgame. Sun Key must not be found.

No matter what they’re Playing for, all of the remaining Players have one thing in common: they will end the game, but on their own terms.

“A unique dystopian adventure with anchors to the real world… set to become a cultural phenomenon.” ALA Booklist

“The premise is engaging, in a Hunger Games-meets-National Treasure sort of way, and the diverse global cast is welcome.” Publishers Weekly

About the Author
James Frey is originally from Cleveland. He is the author of the bestselling novels, A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard. He lives in New York.

Literatura Estrangeira / Ficção científica / Infantojuvenil

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O fim!
on 2/4/20

Estava esperando ansiosamente pelo desfecho será história! Devorei o livro! Tem um ritmo um pouco mais "calmo" em relação aos outros, com algumas reviravoltas e acontecimentos que talvez não agradem a todos, principalmente aos q torcem por um ou outro personagem! Aliás desde o primeiro livro isso acontece! Mas a história é ótima! Recomendo muito!... leia mais


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