Sharpe´s Gold

Sharpe´s Gold Bernard Cornwell


Sharpe´s Gold

(Richard Sharpe's Adventure Series)

With Wellington outnumbered, the bankrupt army's only hope of avoiding, collapse is a hidden cache of Spanish gold. Only Captain Richard Sharpe is capable of stealing it—and it means turning against his own men'.' Sharpe sets off with the men of his small company as his sole military support and links up with Major Kearsey, another of Hogan's exploring officers [Major Hogan is the Wellington's intelligence-gathering officer]. It becomes clear to Sharpe that Kearsey believes that the gold belongs to the Spanish and should only be returned to them, and that that is the purpose of the mission they are on. However Sharpe has secret orders that the gold must be taken to British lines and begins to doubt Kearsey is aware of them. They meet the local partisan commander -- Colonel Joaquin 'El Catolico' Jovellanos, who is engaged in a bitter struggle with local French cavalry...

"Bold, professional and determined, Richard Sharpe embarks on a desperate mission. He must recover the treasure, vital to the success of the war, now hidden behind enemy lines. The gold is in the possession of a powerful guerrilla leader, feared by ally and enemy alike. And, he has no love for Sharpe, the man who has stolen his woman. But Sharpe's fiercest battles lie with the British officers, ignorant of his deadly secret and mistrustful of his ruthless methods...'

[Editorial Reviews] 'Sharpe and his creator are national treasures.' ---Sunday Telegraph.
'Bernard Cornwell is a literary miracle. Year after year, hail, rain, snow, war and political upheavals fail to prevent him from producing the most entertaining and readable historical novels of his generation.' ---Daily Mail.
'Cornwell's narration is quite masterly and supremely well-researched.' ---Observer.
'The best battle scenes of any writer I've ever read, past or present. Cornwell really makes history come alive.' ---George R.R. Martin.

[About the Author] Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe series takes its hero to the battle of Waterloo--and beyond. Several novels are the basis of a television miniseries. He was born in London and lives in Chatham, Massachusetts.

História / Aventura / Romance / Literatura Estrangeira

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Sharpe´s Gold
Sharpe´s Gold


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