The Arcade: An Erotic Short Story

The Arcade: An Erotic Short Story Harley Laroux


The Arcade: An Erotic Short Story (Dirty First Dates)

Her tattooed crush knows her dirty little secret...

Violet has waited years for a date with Aiden, her crush from university who she was always too shy to approach. When Aiden finally asks her out, Violet thinks it's too good to be true - then their first date gets even better. Aiden reveals that he knows about Violet's dirty secret: she has a lewd Twitter account where she posts all her filthiest erotic fantasies. Aiden is determined to start making her fantasies come true, as he challenges her to games where losing brings some very sadistic consequences. Competitive Violet thinks that she wants to win and earn her "reward"...but soon discovers that she likes Aiden's punishments even better.

This erotic short story is a stand-alone in the Dirty First Dates series, and can be read without first reading other tales in the series.

This extra steamy erotic short story is written in First Person POV and is 16k words in length. This a quick, rough, filthy read: you're going to need some privacy for this one! Welcome to your dirtiest first date.

WARNING! These are the fetishes/kinks within...first time/"virgin" anal (including use of toys), no condoms/creampie, degradation/humiliation play, public play (no voyeurs), teasing, spanking/impact play, use of the titles Sir/little girl, begging, crying/tears, some Brat/Brat Tamer dynamics, over-stimulation, rough sex, sex outdoors.

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The Arcade: An Erotic Short Story


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Aiden, acha meu twitter, eu também sei implorar!!
on 10/4/22

Eu estou sem palavras. Sem julgamentos violet, eu te entendo Ela se auto julgando por travar na imagem do crush dela dirigindo, por causa das veias no braço, me pegou de jeito. Me relacionei hahahahaha... leia mais


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