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The Arrangement

The Arrangement Mary Balogh


The Arrangement

(The Survivors' Club #2/7)

Although Vincent is only twenty-three years old, his female relatives are pressing him to marry. He is blind and he has recently inherited his title and vast estate. When they produce a suitable bride for him, he feels trapped and flees with his batman-turned-valet. He ends up six weeks later at his old home and almost gets trapped into another marriage he does not want. A young woman rescues himand then faces destitution for her pains. When Vincent finds out about it, he has to decide what to do. But really, there is only one honorable course of action.

Sophia Fry grew up with a rakish adventurer for a father. Her mother abandoned them when Sophia was still very young, and her father was killed in a duel when she was fifteen. She was passed from one aunt to another, neither of whom wanted her or gave her anything but the most basic of care. By the time she steps in to rescue Viscount Darleigh from the matrimonial schemes of one of those aunts and her uncle and cousin, she looks like an unkempt scarecrow and can easily be mistaken for a boy. Her relatives turn her out of the house in the middle of the night with nothing but a small bag of belongings and the exact fare for the stagecoach ride to London. And then, after she has been offered temporary refuge in the vicarage near her former home, Viscount Darleigh himself comes calling...


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The Arrangement


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"Eu renunciaria às coroas para chamar-te minha."
on 17/8/17

Que livro lindo meu Deus!!! Amei que Mary Balogh não torna esse romance um dramalhão mexicano, mas sim uma história de superação e esperança de que tudo vai dar certo. O amor não acontece de uma hora para outra e sim aos poucos. Neste livro conhecemos a história do Lorde Vincent, que nasceu filho de família modesta e que após a morte de seu pai - que era professor de uma aldeia-, pediu de presente ao seu tio comerciante uma patente no exército Inglês para lutar contra Napoleão. Com so... leia mais


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