The Mystery of Mercy Close

The Mystery of Mercy Close Marian Keyes


The Mystery of Mercy Close

Família Walsh livro 5

“I employ this thing I called The Shovel List.”

“A shovel..?”

“No, a shovel list. It’s more of a conceptual thing. It’s a list of all the people and things I hate so much I want to hit them in the face with a shovel.”

Helen Walsh doesn’t believe in fear – it’s just a thing invented by men to get all the money and good job – and yet she’s sinking. Her work as a Private Investigator has dried up, her flat has been repossessed and now some old demons have resurfaced.

Not least in the form of her charming but dodgy ex-boyfriend Jay Parker, who shows up with a missing persons case. Money is tight – so tight Helen’s had to move back in with her elderly parents – and Jay is awash with cash. The missing person is Wayne Diffney, the ‘Wacky One’ from boyband Laddz. He’s vanished from his house in Mercy Close and it’s vital that he’s found – Laddz have a sell-out comeback gig in five days’ time.

Things ended messily with Jay. And she’s never going back there. Besides she has a new boyfriend now, the very sexy detective Artie Devlin and it’s all going well, even though his ex-wife isn’t quite ‘ex’ enough and his teenage son hates her. But the reappearance of Jay is stirring up all kinds of stuff she thought she’d left behind.

Playing by her own rules, Helen is drawn into a dark and glamorous world, where her worst enemy is her own head and where increasingly the only person she feels connected to is Wayne, a man she’s never even met.

Utterly compelling, moving and very very funny, The Mystery of Mercy Close is unlike any novel you’ve ever read and Helen Walsh – courageous, vulnerable and wasp-tongued – is the perfect heroine for our times.

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The Mystery of Mercy Close
The Mystery of Mercy Close
The Mystery of Mercy Close
The Mystery of Mercy Close


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on 15/10/12

O final da saga chegou. Não tenho como avaliar a leitura deixando meus sentimentos pela autora de lado. Já aviso: essa resenha é completamente desprovida de qualquer tipo de crítica coerente. Sou fã, sou tiete e farei o que manda o meu papel: tietarei. Espero que isso tenha ficado claro. No quinto livro das irmãs Walsh, Marian Keyes finalmente arremata a história da família dando voz à Helen, a quinta irmã e a única que parecia para nós, com base nos outros livros da série, que nunca ... leia mais


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