The Nightingale

The Nightingale Kristin Hannah


The Nightingale

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes an epic novel of love and war, spanning from the 1940s to the present day, and the secret lives of those who live in a small French town.

Viann and Isabelle have always been close despite their differences. Younger, bolder sister Isabelle lives in Paris while Viann lives a quiet and content life in the French countryside with her husband Antoine and their daughter. When World War II strikes and Antoine is sent off to fight, Viann and Isabelle's father sends Isabelle to help her older sister cope. As the war progresses, it's not only the sisters' relationship that is tested, but also their strength and their individual senses of right and wrong. With life as they know it changing in unbelievably horrific ways, Viann and Isabelle will find themselves facing frightening situations and responding in ways they never thought possible as bravery and resistance take different forms in each of their actions.

Vivid and exquiste in its illumination of a time and place that was filled with great monstrosities, but also great humanity and strength, Kristin Hannah's novel will provoke thought and discussion that will have readers talking long after they turn the last page.

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The nightingale
The Nightingale


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on 21/9/20

Geralmente eu avalio livros de acordo com meu gosto pessoal, mas The Nightingale é uma exceção. Ele é muito maior do que meu gosto pessoal, é uma obra que qualquer tipo de leitor pode apreciar. Essa é a história de duas irmãs na França durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, Vianne e Isabelle. Como irmã mais velha, Vianne foca em sustentar a família e ficar fora do radar dos nazistas, enquanto que Isabelle começa a trabalhar junto com a Resistência logo que a guerra começa. Ao mesmo te... leia mais


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