Writing to Heal

Writing to Heal Dale Darley


Writing to Heal

Change your life through journaling, reflecting and creative life stories

Writing in a journal is powerful, cathartic and life-changing.
Words have the power to heal and when you journal daily you will begin to see where and what you need to heal.
This book has been described by one reader as different from any other journaling book that she has bought, because of it’s positive perspective.
Another reader told me
“Just wanted to let you know that I started reading your book this morning and was instantly hooked. I found a book to write in and have written 7 pages on the most traumatic experience in my life, cried buckets but loved getting it down on paper and feel so much better with it being out and there are so many pages to add over the next 4 days.
This bit comes from my soul - your book is, I feel going to save my life, not from death but from disillusionment - a life of disillusionment - can you imagine! I've been facing that for a while and today you gave me the path out of that, the path I've been looking in the long grass for! For the first time in 2 years, I sit here now with a jewel of excitement in my belly - so long since I felt that.”
Another said ‘I feel as if you really get me and I can finally write and let it all out.’
I wrote this book as a result of being in one dark place too many. I had written and journaled for years, using my writing to get my feelings out. As I sat and reflected I found ways to overcome my perceived problems. When I was out walking stories started to come into my head. It was then I realised that creative life writing, where you take your journal entries and turn them into stories was not only fun but incredibly healing.
Do you feel stuck?
Do you want clarity?
Do you want to write and journal in a positive way?
Do you want to have fun with your journaling?
Then Writing to Heal is for you…
Writing to Heal takes you on a journey that asks you to first pick up your pen and write. To then reflect on what you have written and rewrite it with positive intention so that you change the story.
This book guides you from starting to journal, through reflective practice and on into creative life writing.
Writing stories is a fantastic way for anyone who is interested in making changes to their lives, to be in control of what happens next and to let the healing begin.
When you start to use stories to change the way you think, your perspective changes.
My dream is that this book inspires you to write and to consider writing your life story or memoir.
It’s easy to read, pick up and flick through, one of those bedside books to dip into when you are pondering what to write.


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Writing to Heal



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