A Tale of Magic...

A Tale of Magic... Chris Colfer


A Tale of Magic... (A Tale of Magic #1)

Fourteen-year-old Brystal Evergreen has always known she was destined for great things--that is, if she can survive the oppressive Southern Kingdom. Her only escape are books, but since it's illegal for women to read in her country, she has to find creative ways of acquiring them. Working as a maid at her local library gives her the perfect excuse to be near them and allows her to sneak a few titles home when no one is looking. But one day Brystal uncovers a secret section of the library and finds a book about magic that changes her life forever.

Magic is despised and outlawed throughout the world--Brystal is well aware of the severe consequences the book may bring--but her curiosity gets the best of her. By reading some of the text aloud, strange phenomena begin to occur and Brystal discovers she is capable of magic! And the more she practices it, the harder it becomes to hide.

After being caught and convicted, Brystal is saved by a mysterious woman named Madame Weatherberry. The woman takes Brystal to her Academy of Magic and teaches her to become a fairy. While Brystal studies magic and befriends the other students, Madame Weatherberry is suddenly called away on suspicious matters. When she doesn't return, Brystal and her friends work together to find and save their instructor. Along the way, the students discover Madame Weatherberry's true intentions for the academy are not what they seem, and they come face to face with a sinister plot that puts the fate of the world, and the fate of magic itself, in grave danger...

Fantasia / Infantojuvenil

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A Tale of Magic...


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lição sobre diversidade e força
on 7/3/21

Lindo e emocionante. É um livro infantojuvenil, um dos meus gêneros preferidos, que traz inúmeras mensagens sobre diversidade, força, amizade, se aceitar e aceitar os outros. Recomendo esse livro para jovens leitores e também para velhos leitores, são tantas frases e pensamentos lindos! Prepare o post it, porque você vai querer marcar todas as página. A cada capítulo ficamos mais e mais instigados para saber as aventuras e aprendizados de Brystal e seus amigos, e o final entregou tudo... leia mais


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