Charge To My Line

Charge To My Line Lani Lynn Vale

Charge To My Line (The Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC #6)

You’re the Charge…

Bad Boy. Screw-up. Good for nothing. Hero. Angel. These were all words Grayson ‘Torren’ Trammel had heard whispered behind his back over his lifetime. What he hadn't heard was ‘quitter,’ and he’d be damned if some little rehab chick, with her beautiful blonde hair, and hot, sassy little mouth was going to label him as such.

To My…

Tru knows Grayson’s not for her. He’s too bad. Too hot. Too demanding. Too taken.

She tells herself that almost daily as she helps Grayson get back into fighting shape after a horrific accident nearly ripped his life away from him. That had taken the life of one of the men in his MC.

Grayson is everything her father warned her about, but there’s just something about him that intrigues her. That makes her want more.

The man's a firefighter. How bad could he be?


Apparently, he could be way worse than bad, but he could also be so very, very good. Something Tru realizes, rather quickly, when the two can no longer fight the pull that’s between them.

Now there’s only one word she wants to hear when it comes to him: his.

Erótico / Literatura Estrangeira / Romance

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Charge To My Line


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on 5/5/17

O primeiro contato de Torren e True se dá em um bar, quando True é desafiada pela melhor amiga e companheira de quarto Iliana. “Iliana era minha melhor amiga e companheira de quarto. Nós fomos morar juntas quando começamos a escola de terapia ocupacional, e tínhamos vivido juntas desde então. Ela era dois anos mais nova do que os meu vinte e oito anos, mas agia como se tivesse cinquenta anos, isto é, a menos que estivesse bebendo, como estava fazendo agora. Na vida real, ela era aque... leia mais


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