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A second chance romance

Once she's given it up...she's mine forever

I'd waited so long.

Then fate delivered my dream man, Oh, he was beautiful. Hot blue eyes, a dimple in his chin, lean muscles, and big, thick, manly hands. With the power of a tornado he swept me off my feet and rose me up to unimaginable heights. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

But I wasn't special, just a one-night stand for him. He disappeared from my life before I had time even to catch my breath.

I picked up the pieces of my broken heart and moved on. Now, when I least expect it, his ocean blue eyes are burning right through me again, and all those crazy-intense feelings...they've come back as if I didn't spend years burying them.

I still crave him like a drug, but I'm not available anymore. I'm trapped in a loveless relationship with a very dangerous man. Saving me from my nightmare is not an option.

But can my heart really survive his loss again? Or do I risk it all and give him complete possession of me?


The moment I saw Izzy I knew she was special. We just clicked. I took her back to my hotel room, and I was right. She was fuckin' perfection. I took her sweet Innocence. She had to be somewhere else in the morning so we agreed to meet that night.

Fate had other plans though. I got a call from my dying friend's girlfriend. He needed me. I had no way to contact Izzy so I left a message for her at the restaurant with my number and flew out of the country. Long story short: she didn't get my message.

But I never forgot her. I can close my eyes now and see her straddled over my hips, her skin glistening with sweat, her long blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders, and her eyes half-closed with pleasure.

Then, out of the blue, I run into her. She's still so fuckin' beautiful.

All I want to do is just get between those creamy thighs and pick up where we left off. My need is raw and visceral and real, but she says there's someone else now. She's hooked up with some brute. A low life with a powerful father who won't let her go.

I see fear in her eyes, and it fills me with a raging fury.

She's mine and we both know it. I claimed her that night in the hotel room in Paris.

Now fate has put her back in my path...and nothing and no one is going to stop me taking back what's mine.

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