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Bigshot Boss (The Whittaker Brothers #1)

Be careful who you spill your secrets to...

Some women just have it — that combination of stunning looks and sexual confidence that brings men to their knees.

Not me.

My last boyfriend once fell asleep while we were … you know. Not my proudest moment.

And my crush on my hot, arrogant, and oh-so-unattainable CEO? Never going to happen.

But one night, after too much wine, I find myself online, creating a profile for a sex kitten called SweetVixen. Safe behind my computer screen, I’m suddenly the seductive goddess of my wildest imagination.

Next thing I know, I’ve spent a month sharing every filthy fantasy I’ve ever had with a man I know only as Mister Bigshot. A man who can make my toes curl with just a few keystrokes. A man who brings new meaning to the eggplant emoji.

A man who now wants to meet in person.

Dressed in my rarely-used little black dress and heels higher than my expectations, I gather my courage and cross the restaurant toward the stranger who’s been teasing me mercilessly all month.

But then I come to a dead stop. Right in the middle of the restaurant. Frozen in place like a deer in the candlelight.

Because the man sitting there waiting on me is no stranger.

The man I’ve bared everything to — and I do mean everything — is none other than my hot, arrogant, and oh-so-unattainable CEO.

Mister Bigshot is … my boss.

And trust me, there’s no emoji for the look he's giving me right now...


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Bigshot Boss


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on 16/4/19

Hannah e Trent se conheceram num site de namoro cada um com um subnick que não permitia o reconhecimento, quando decidiram se encontrar descobriram que eram chefe é empregado. Ele, o grande CEO e ela, a empresa de marketing que sempre usava um cardigã diferente. Achei a história muito legal, me prendeu fácil por ser algo leve e divertido, mas confesso que o desentendimento do casal perto do fim da história me incomodou, achei uma coisa muito boba e que facilmente poderia ser resolvida... leia mais


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