Filthy Fiance (The Whittaker Brothers Book 2)

Filthy Fiance (The Whittaker Brothers Book 2) Cat Carmine


Filthy Fiance (The Whittaker Brothers Book 2)

A good-girl lawyer walks into a bar ...

Throwing muffins at my ex in the office break room wasn’t exactly on today’s agenda. Neither was getting asked to take a not-so-voluntary leave from my job as a corporate lawyer. Just until I could get my personal life in order, they said, which you know is code for get your sh*t together.

But when life hands you lemons — well, you make for the nearest dive bar and drown your sorrows in wine and gooey grilled cheese.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt if they’re being served by Manhattan’s hottest bartender, Jace Whittaker. Taking him home with me wasn’t on my agenda either, but hey ... those are some lemons I don’t mind squeezing.

But it turns out Jace wants more than a one-night stand. He needs a fiancee — for a week. Just long enough to put on a show for his estranged brother’s wedding, and convince his family he’s cleaned up his act.

Going to Chicago for a week with a man I barely know is yet another item that wasn’t on my to-do list right now, but the week of mind-blowing pleasure Jace promises in return in something I can’t turn down. So against my better judgement, I agree to help him out.

All we need to do is not get caught. And not let any pesky feelings get in the way, of course. Because falling for this bad boy bartender — even one who serves up such earth-shattering … cocktails — is definitely not on the agenda.

Then again, maybe it’s time I let my life get shaken, not stirred ... and maybe Jace is just the man to do it.

Erótico / Romance

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Filthy Fiance (The Whittaker Brothers Book 2)


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Filthy Fiance
on 25/2/19

A escrita dessa autora é muito boa, torna a leitura rápida e prazerosa, mas a história foi fraquinha, nem deu pra usar muito “tempero”, sem contar os da “hora da cama”. Mesmo assim gostei de ler, mas… mas… pois é, não é lá aquelas coisas, o primeiro foi bem melhor. Jace é o caçula dos irmãos Wittaker e vive em Nova York a 10 anos depois de ser demitido pelo próprio irmão. Agora ele vive como um bartender, enquanto seus irmãos são donos de uma importante empresa de móveis em Chicago. E... leia mais


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