Pivot Point

Pivot Point Kasie West


Pivot Point #1

When Addison Coleman is faced with a choice, she has the ultimate insurance plan against disaster—the ability to see both outcomes. It may not be as flashy as Telekinesis or Telepathy, but it's the perfect ability to maintain a suck-free life. Or so she thought. But after her parents ambush her with a divorce announcement and ask her who she wants to live with, she knows either road leads to Anywhere-But-Here.

With her father leaving the paranormal compound to live amongst the masses of underused brains and her mother staying with the gifted in the life she's always known, both futures seem lacking. It isn't until she Searches the two possibilities that she realizes how hard the choice really is. And its not just because the popular quarterback is interested in her in one life and the troubled artist in the other. When her father, a human lie detector, is assigned as the lead investigator of a murder and her best friend, a mind eraser, becomes involved with a criminal, she learns either path holds the potential for loss. It all comes down to which loss she's willing to live through.

Reminiscent of the movie "Sliding Doors" the chapters alternate between the two possibilities. The intertwining futures provide the reader with insights the main character can't see, building tension for when the knowledge of both worlds collide.

Ficção / Jovem adulto / Literatura Estrangeira / Romance

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Pivot Point


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entrou pra lista de melhores YAs que já li. Recomendíssimo!
on 4/11/13

Mocinha divertida, forte, e de personalidade: ✓ Melhor amiga igualmente divertida e de personalidade forte: ✓ Plot original: ✓ Comecei a ler esse livro aleatoriamente, e já fui fisgada logo pelas primeiras linhas. Addie é uma Paranormal: ela tem o poder de visualizar as consequências de cada escolha que ela faz, vendo um futuro para cada decisão. Há outros Paranormais com poderes, como: apagar a mente, telecinesia, manipulação tanto de emoções quanto de mass... leia mais


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