Zodiac Academy: The Awakening

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Zodiac Academy: The Awakening (Zodiac Academy #1)

Zodiac Academy #1

I'm a Gemini. Impulsive. Curious. Headstrong. A twin. Heir to a throne I know nothing about. And it turns out, I'm Fae.

But of course there's a catch - all I have to do to claim my birth right is prove that I'm the most powerful supernatural in the whole of Solaria. And sure, technically that's true as I'm the daughter of the Savage King. But the bit they didn't put in the brochure was that every single Fae in this Kingdom would claim my throne if they could.

The school they've sent me to is both dangerous as sh*t and one helluva party. Vampires bite weaker students in the corridors, the Werewolf pack has orgies in the Wailing Wood at every full moon and don't even get me started on the dark and twisted ways the Sirens use their powers on people's emotions, or how my sinfully tempting Cardinal Magic teacher hosts detentions that leave people needing therapy.

Classes are totally interesting if you manage to live through them. And that Gemini star sign I mentioned? It now determines my elemental magic and affects my destiny, so learning astrology is essential if I'm going to beat down my classmates - which is actively encouraged by the way.

My biggest problem is the drool worthy Dragon shifter who has his eyes on my throne. He and his three psycho friends are determined to make my time here hell.

All I've got to do is survive. But fate might have other ideas.

Dammit, why couldn't I have gotten a letter to Hogwarts?

***This is a dark, bully romance - don't go expecting a sweet school for magic with friends around every corner. Fae fight for everything they own and Zodiac Academy is a cutthroat school for students aged 18+ where only the strongest prevail. There’s no Dumbledore here to save anyone's ass and Lionel Acrux will give Voldemort a run for his money in the evil dictator category. So hold onto your stardust (broomsticks not required) and get ready for a bumpy ride***

Fantasia / Romance

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Zodiac Academy: The Awakening


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on 13/12/21

Esse livro é surpreendentemente VICIANTE. que ÓDIO. Conta a história de duas irmãs gêmeas órfãs que acabam indo pra uma escola de fae por livre e expontânea pressão -e necessidade. Tem os bullys, tem professor gato, tem friends to enemy to lovers (eu espero ?) e tem mais um monte de coisa ao mesmo tempo. É isso.... leia mais


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