Facing The Enemy

Facing The Enemy M.E. Clayton


Facing The Enemy (The Enemy #1)

Emerson Andrews is no stranger to the dark side of life. Growing up in an abusive household, she endured a life of violence that ultimately led to the murder of her mother. However, she's only a couple of months away from turning 18, so she's got it covered. At least, she thought she did until her guilt ridden aunt comes and takes her in. Now, living miles away, where money is worshipped like a deity, she realizes she's a far cry away from the trailer park she called home.

Ramsey Reed wasn't blinded by money, power or social standing, even though he had all three of those things in spades. He knew people with money were just as degenerate as people without it. The wealthy were just able to pay people to look the other way, while the poor could not. He was only 18-years-old, but he was already sick and tired of the people around him. They were nothing but tools he used for his entertainment, and he found himself not being entertained much these days.

When Emerson shows up at a pre-school year party and meets Ramsey, their connection sparks a battle of wills so strong, neither is certain if they'll be able to hold on to their sanity. And, yet, neither of them cared.

Warning: While the story contains a HEA, it is a dark romance, bully read. It contains triggers and can be offensive to some readers. Please do not purchase if sensitive to such materials.


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Facing The Enemy


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Emerson meu amor
on 25/3/20

Que garota forte, simplesmente amei, eu vi o sarcasmo de Elizabeth Bennet na Emerson e eu literalmente chorei. No primeiro capítulo narrado por Ramsey vc já vê que o diálogo vai ser top, ele tem tiradas ininteligentes e a Emerson manda na mesma medida. Amei de paixão este livro, tudo perfeito. Sim!!!eu acredito em amor que vc vê a pessoa e sabe que ela é a certa pro resto da sua vida, há esse tipo de amor ai fora e vemos ele aqui também, fique boba com essa certeza convicta nel... leia mais


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